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PR Vs Advertising

PR PR and advertising often go hand in hand but they are two completely different things with a completely different goal and overall effect. While advertising is exclusively focused on promotion of products or services with an aim to encourage target audience to buy, PR is specialised in communication with the public and media. Difference […]

How Can PR Boost Your Business

PR In today’s world, publicity is everything of course along quality service or product. There is a fierce competition in just about every sector, while the consumers typically decide for brands they are familiar with and which they trust. In order to earn the consumers’ trust, companies rely heavily on marketing strategists but they also […]

Public Relations and the Internet

PR The Internet has caused a revolution in communication by giving a voice to those that previously could not have been heard. This has opened a whole new world of opportunities for both businesses and individuals that were unimagined in the era of the traditional media. These still play an important role in shaping the […]

PR Department Vs Hiring Outside PR Services

Choosing the Right PR Firm/Specialist PR If you own a business and would like to benefit from utilising PR services, you have two options. You can either create a PR department and employ PR staff or hire outside PR services. The first option is without a doubt a better idea because the entire PR department […]