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The media can be a powerful tool to relay your message.

Tezz Media are in public relations. Though our expertise has grown in depth and breadth, PR is still at the heart of our approach to integrated communications.  We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses — stimulating and managing dialogue to deliver your brand’s messaging and thought leadership through a range of channels. Our comprehensive media relations program engages top-tier publications, major broadcast networks, and influential trade outlets to get your message heard.


Harness the power of social media to gain brand advantage.

Social media allows brands to connect with their audiences in more personalized and authentic ways. We are experts in strengthening those connections through customized content strategies, community management, influencer relationship building and in-house generation of viral content. We layer in our robust measurement and analytics package to track performance across all active social platforms in order to demonstrate tangible business results.


A crisis might be unanticipated, but it should never be unexpected.

Our experienced crisis management team will develop a strategy for dealing with crisis and mitigating risks to your brand’s reputation. By creating and implementing sound crisis communication plans, we’ve successfully managed the industry’s toughest issues, including product recalls, changes in regulatory status, activist pressure, financial reporting and executive malfeasance. So when faced with a crisis, you feel confident and secure every step of the way.


Your brand show globally

Your website is an extension of your brand. Even with the proliferation of social media platforms, it is still essential to cultivate a contemporary web presence for your business or brand. We will work with you through strategy, planning, requirements gathering, site architecture, design, development, testing, implementation, optimization and ongoing measurement to ensure that your website best represents your brand and drives your business objectives.


Create a lasting impact with your digital footprint

Tezz Media clients with integrated digital strategies to complement social media efforts and influencer engagement. Digital advertising, marketing and engagement come together to offer our clients a well-rounded approach to digital strategy, while simultaneously ensuring they remain effective over time.


Creating memorable, engaging events with impact.

We understand how important live, face-to-face events are to building a truly integrated strategy. Our marketing and communications experts work to plan and program seminars and events that engage the public, the press and other businesses. We develop customized speeches intended to be delivered in the voice of your key stakeholders, and we also create event collateral and branding intended to take advantage of every marketing opportunity live at the event.


The aim of promotion is to increase awareness

Brand positioning is essential to marketing strategy. We work collaboratively with you to better refine your unique position in the marketplace, your key differentiator, your reason for being and your future vision. We believe that the most admired brands are positioned to indelibly imprint themselves onto the hearts and minds of target audiences. At Tezz Media, we strive to  elevate your brand to greatness.


Marketing helps you stand out from the crowd

Marketing and advertising are all about setting an expectation and delivering on your brand’s promise. We segment your audience, study its behaviors, affinities and pain points and craft messages intended to evoke an emotive or rational response. We develop the ideal brand touchpoints and optimize the media mix for maximum performance. This culminates in a program responsible for measurable shifts in consumer behavior.

Election Management

PR in politics

Politics also offer a broad range of PR activities, international, national and regional communication being required both at party level and in related organisations (chambers, associations, trade unions).

The aim of PR in politics is to present functionaries, topics and programmes in comparison to other subsystems in society. Essentially this involves attracting attention and interest, as well as raising the level of awareness and the image profile of one’s own positions, interests and key players. PR in politics is employed to convey information and shape political opinion.

Societies characterised by media, information, attention and communication consider it very important to orchestrate political PR in the media. Needless to say that “press/media relations”, in other words addressing and communicating politics in the media, is key to successful political PR.

PR professionals in the context are also required to conduct continued dialogue with other major target groups, such as members, functionaries, voters, other political parties and stakeholders, to build up and promote a climate conducive to mutual understanding and trust and reconciliation of interests. They are called upon to act as two-way mediators between politics, the media, the economy, the administration and civil society, a role crucial for any democracy.


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